A multinational corporation is just that – a corporation that operates in multiple nations, with a home office that coordinates global management.  Being a multinational corporation is a complicated and expensive proposition. Most are large, powerful organizations that can afford to hire the business managers and legal experts necessary to navigate the laws and regulations of various countries, and adapt when those laws change.Opponents of multinational corporations argue they are too large, have too much power and/or exploit less-developed nations.   Supporters argue multinational corporations provide large resources for job creation and infrastructure in less developed countries, which helps improve their standard of living. Another issue regarding multinational corporations involves taxation.  Because these corporations do business around the globe, they frequently adjust their business practices to pay the least amount of taxes possible, often by shifting the home office to a country known as a tax haven – a territory where tax rates are exceptionally low or nonexistent. Some companies also keep large amounts of funds outside the United States to avoid paying taxes on profits upon repatriation.