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When a domestic bank has an account in a foreign bank, and the account is denominated in the currency of that foreign country, it is called a nostro account.  These accounts are used by banks to help facilitate foreign exchange and currency transactions. 

Nostro is derived from a Latin term that means “ours”.  From the domestic bank’s perspective, the account is nostro, as it belongs to the domestic bank.  The opposite of nostro in Latin is “vostro” which means “yours.”  From the perspective of the foreign bank holding the account, it is a vostro account.

For example, a United States bank owns a nostro account in a Mexican bank denominated in Mexican Pesos.  The Mexican bank views the account as a vostro account. 

Since the nostro account is denominated in Mexican Pesos, the U.S. bank uses it to efficiently settle transactions that are denominated in that currency.  Using nostro accounts such as this one also protects the U.S. bank from risk due to exchange rate fluctuations between the U.S dollar and the Mexican peso.

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