In a peer-to-peer econom​y, individuals buy or sell goods or services directly with other individuals.Peer-to-peer transactions occur without an intermediary or another business. The producer, or seller, owns the tools of production and the finished product. While a peer-to-peer economy is considered an alternative to traditional capitalism, it can still occur within capitalism. Consider an online marketplace. It’s a peer-to-peer economy where created goods like music, art or clothing are sold directly from one individual to another online. Services like those offered by babysitters, shoppers or caterers can also be bought and sold online. There’s a greater risk in peer-to-peer economies that one party won’t produce a good or service as expected, or a good or service’s quality will be poorer than described. There’s also the risk that a buyer won’t pay. The Internet has made peer-to-peer economies more viable and spurred investment in service providers who facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.