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Investopedia was at Schwab IMPACT 2017, and sat down with Senior Vice President, Chief Global Investment Strategist Jeffrey Kleintop to discuss political risk to markets, economic growth, and what investors should be thankful for.

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    Charles Schwab: Higher Oil Prices Won't Hurt Economy

    Increasing oil prices haven't hurt the markets thanks to high oil production and tax cuts, says Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop.
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    Charles Schwab: Divergence Between U.S. and Non-U.S. Fiscal Policy Should Continue

    The divergence in fiscal policy between the U.S. and European central banks should continue throughout 2018, said Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop.
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    Charles Schwab: Earnings Growth to Continue to Rise in 2018

    Jeffery Kleintop, chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab, said that strong earnings growth is likely to continue in 2018.
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    Charles Schwab: Stocks Taking GAP Year

    Charles Schwab's chief global investment strategist says that stocks are in a GAP year, but it may not last a full 12 months.
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    Charles Schwab: Weaker Eurozone Economic Data Temporary

    Charles Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop made the case that bad economic signals coming out of the Eurozone are only temporary.
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    Charles Schwab: Global Growth Still Strong, but Trade Tensions Could Pressure Second Half

    Global economic growth should continue, but increased trade tensions are the biggest risks to the market, says Charles Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop.
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    Charles Schwab: International Stocks a Way to Play Inflation in 2018

    Charles Schwab's Jeff Kleintop said that international stocks could be a way to hedge against higher-than-expected inflation in 2018.
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    Charles Schwab: Demographics, Not Policy, to Have Biggest Impact on Markets

    Charles Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop said a demographic shift could affect the markets in coming years, but it's not all doom and gloom.
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    Charles Schwab: Dog Days of Summer Could Be on a Hiatus

    Charles Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop says investors may be more active in the markets this summer with volatility back.
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    Charles Schwab: 4 Things Many Investors Get Wrong About Corrections

    In terms of gauging when a stock market correction is over, there's a lot of misconceptions out there, says Charles Schwab's Kleintop.
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