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Investopedia asked Charles Schwab Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders, has economic growth peaked? 

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    Charles Schwab: Buy the Rumor, Sell the News Could Be in Style in 2018

    Charles Schwab's Liz Ann Sonders warns that, with tax reform on the horizon, some potential tendencies in 2018 could pressure stocks.
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    Charles Schwab: Volatility Bringing Investor Sentiment Back to Earth

    The waning bullish sentiment on the part of investors is a positive, says Charles Schwab's Liz Ann Sonders.
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    Charles Schwab: Earnings Bar Set Very High, Could Be Tough to Beat

    Earnings growth of 21% for much of corporate America during the first quarter could be hard to beat in the quarters to come, warns Charles Schwab.
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    Charles Schwab: Tightening Financial Conditions, Monetary Policies Add to Volatility

    Tightening financial conditions and monetary policies are playing a role in stock market volatility, says Charles Schwab.
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    Charles Schwab: Volatility Caused Market Drop, Not the Other Way Around

    Volatility caused the stock sell-off, not the other way around, says Charles Schwab strategist Liz Ann Sonders.
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    Charles Schwab's Strategists: All Signs Point to Strong 2018

    Charles Schwab's market strategists warned that investor sentiment is elevated, but all signs still point to a strong 2018.
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    Charles Schwab: Large-Cap Stocks Could Restart Their Outperformance

    Owing to a flattening of the yield curve, Charles Schwab said that large-cap stocks could outperform again.
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    Charles Schwab: US Stocks in 'Melt-Up' Phase of Bull Market

    Charles Schwab strategists said that we are in the early phase of the bull run's melt-up stage, which implies an eventual melt-down.
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    Charles Schwab Upgraded by Investor's Business Daily

    Charles Schwab had its relative strength rating upgraded by Investor's Business Daily, but it has not yet reached an ideal score.
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    Charles Schwab (SCHW) Stock Could Head Higher on Q3 Results

    Charles Schwab's stock may march higher if the technical charts are any indication.
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