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A good financial advisor can improve your life in many ways. But a bad financial advisor? Not so much. Here are six things some financial advisors do that they shouldn’t.

They ignore your spouse. Usually it’s a male advisor ignoring a wife. This is why many widows leave advisors in search of one that will address their needs. The interests of both spouses must be equally served.

They talk down to you. advisors need to explain why they suggest a product or strategy in a way that makes sense to you. If they don’t, or they can’t without condescending, switch advisors.

They put their interests before yours. This happens most with advisors who are paid through commissions. Know how they’re compensated, and why they’re pitching certain products.

They won’t return your calls or emails. Most clients don’t hassle their advisors very often. If you’re paying someone to provide advice and that person won’t respond to occasional emails, why keep paying them?

They suggest that you don’t need a third-party custodian. If this ever happens to you, end your relationship with that advisor immediately. Third-party custodians handle your statements independently of the advisor. Ponzi schemes and similar frauds thrive when the client lacks ready access to his account’s information.

And they don’t speak their mind. A good advisor will tell clients if the move they’re considering is a bad idea. advisors must offer their honest opinion, even if it costs them a commission.

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