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Given the traumatic national disasters that occur across the globe, insurance is becoming evermore critical to cover potential losses. This CE credit webinar will focus on the importance of life, auto, and homeowner’s insurance in the context of emergencies, weather events, and other catastrophes. By providing specific details on lesser-known aspects of insurance policies as they relate to uncommon events, advisors will learn the tactics needed to help keep client assets safe and aid clients with the selection of appropriate insurance policies.

After completing this webinar, CFP® professionals should be able to:

Successful completion of this webinar before December 31, 2017 will count for 1 credit hour of CFP Board-approved General CE.

  1. Explain the risk management process for normal operations as well as weather and other emergencies.

  2. Provide examples of risk management techniques available to clients.

  3. Identify and measure liability, automobile, homeowner’s, flood, earthquake, health, disability, long-term care, and life risks.

  4. Categorize maximum possible and maximum probable loss amount to a client.

  5. Identify the primary components of property and casualty and auto insurance.

  6. Differentiate among the basic homeowner’s insurance (HO) forms and features and explain how to evaluate and compare policies.

  7. Recognize the role of umbrella insurance.

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