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David Winters, CEO of Wintergreen Advisors, talks FANG stocks propping up the market, value investing and why index fund executive compensation keeps rising.

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    Diamondback Energy Stock Moving Sideways

    FANG dropped with the rest of the oil stocks when oil dipped below $50 per barrel.
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    Diamondback Energy Stock Bounces Off Support

    The new target price on FANG does not guarantee it will rise that far.
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    Diamondback Energy Still Losing Money But Stock Climbs

    Diamondback Energy has had negative income for several quarters, but its stock price continues to rise.
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    The Next Big Tech Stock Isn't a FANG

    Analysts say another big technology firm is emerging as the Big Four FANG stocks become pricey.
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    When Will Diamondback Energy Be a 'Buy'? (FANG)

    Diamondback Energy stock just experienced a failed breakout. Though buyers sent the stock soaring, sellers stepped in and sent the stock tumbling.
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    Why Buy Energy Companies with Negative Income?

    MRO and FANG are among the stocks investors are buying despite some evident flaws.
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    New Index to Track FANG Stocks Will Launch in November

    The NYSE FANG+TM Index will focus on "next generation technology" companies.
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    Facebook: First FANG Stock to Pay a Cash Dividend?

    Facebook could be the first of the FANG stocks to pay a cash dividend, predicts Barron's.
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    FANG Stocks Getting Sold In Late Year Rotation

    Declines in big tech issues over the past week could signal intermediate tops ahead of weak performance in the first half of 2018.
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    Evaluating Executive Compensation

    Find out how to determine whether a CEO is being overpaid.
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