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David Winters, CEO of Wintergreen Advisors, talks FANG stocks propping up the market, value investing and why index fund executive compensation keeps rising.

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    New Way to Bet on FANG Stocks: Index Futures

    Intercontinental Exchange launched futures which track the FANG stocks late last month.
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    A FANG ETF Comes to Life

    Finally, there's an ETF for lovers of the FANG stocks.
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    4 ETFs With FANG Exposure (FDN,PNQI,QQQ,SKYY)

    These four ETFs offer exposure to FANG stocks, each in a different way.
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    Fund Managers Have Doubled Stake in FANG Stocks Since 2014

    The FANG grouping continues to work its magic on the markets.
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    Diamondback Energy Stock Moving Sideways

    FANG dropped with the rest of the oil stocks when oil dipped below $50 per barrel.
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    Diamondback Energy Wild Swings Not for Weak Hearts

    FANG has been experiencing some extreme ups and downs lately.
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    Analysts Upgrade Diamondback Energy As Price Rises

    FANG seems to have convinced analysts it will move to profitability on rising oil prices.
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    FANG Short Interest Up 32% in 2016 So Far

    Shorting tech stocks hasn't been a fruitful trade for investors in 2017.
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    New Index to Track FANG Stocks Will Launch in November

    The NYSE FANG+TM Index will focus on "next generation technology" companies.
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    What is the Most Fundamentally Sound FANG Stock?

    It can be difficult to choose between the four FANG stocks. All have been long-term winners. Here's how to pick based on fundamentals.
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