According to a recent survey from Allianz, many working people with modest means plan to retire early, and they usually possess a few of the same key traits. Those include …Sharing good habits. They choose life partners with the same practical approach to finances, instead of big spenders.   Staying married. A whopping 76% of those who plan to retire early are married, compared to 68% who don’t have such goals. And 77% are in their first marriage. Seeking a benchmark. More than 20% use their parent’s financial status as a benchmark to track their own finances. And they’re willing to talk about money. It’s easier for those planning to retire early to discuss finances with family, and that includes teaching kids about money. The study found children are not a big concern when it comes to retiring early. People with such a goal have other concerns, however, such as dying young. The key to retiring early is planning. Early retirees are more likely to … Seek advice from financial professionals on major decisions and retirement planning Be saver, not spenders Share a similar financial approach with their partner Focus on long-term saving goals And depend on a wider range of sources for retirement funds