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As the author of New York Times best-seller Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, as well as Super Trader and Trading Beyond the Matrix, Van K. Tharp has gained a legion of dedicated followers for his uniquely emotional and psychological approach to active trading and investing. With a PhD in biological psychology, also known as behavioral psychology, Dr. Tharp specialized in neuro-linguistic programming, an area of psychotherapy aimed to adapt behavior in order to achieve specific goals. 

After serving in the military and working in several research institutions, Dr. Tharp put his methodologies to the test in the financial world, founding the Van Tharp Institute in Cary, NC for traders and investors to develop strategic skills for more effective decision making. In partnership with the Van Tharp Institute, Investopedia Academy has developed Trading for Beginners, a course designed for new traders to develop the analytical skills needed to become an active trader.

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