A sale is a transaction in which a buyer receives goods or services, and the seller receives money or some other form of compensation.The old saying goes, “nothing happens until someone sells something.” The immeasurable amount of sales transactions that occur everyday provide the backbone of the world’s economies. While companies can often create revenue through several means, like dividends or interest, sales provide a constant stream of income. One sale can have many layers. For instance: A homebuyer purchases a house; a lending institution sells the homebuyer a mortgage and then sells that mortgage to an investor; and an investment manager bundles mortgages and sells them. And one day that homebuyer sells the house, rebooting the whole process. A sale can represent an agreement between a buyer and a seller on the price of a security. It can also stand for a retailer’s effort to reduce prices on items it’s attempting to move. A company may have the finest manufacturing, marketing and distribution, but if it overlooks its sales processes, everything else is meaningless.