Wyndham Capital Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company that offers a wide range of loan products to its customers. As a direct lender, Wyndham provides mortgage services from start to finish, including loan processing, underwriting, closing and funding. The following is an overview of the firm, a description of its mortgage products and a review of how customers rate the company.

Who They Are

Wyndham Capital Mortgage was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001 by Jeff Douglas, who serves as CEO of the company. The company employs a seven-step lending process. The first step is getting to know the customer's specific financial situation and mortgage needs. For the second step, the company completes a preliminary qualification process. If the customer meets the preliminary qualification requirements, the third step is tailoring specific loan options for the customer. For the fourth step, the company collects loan documents from the customer. For the fifth step, the company orders appraisals and other third-party services. For the sixth step, the company underwrites the loan, and for the seventh step, it closes the loan.

Mortgage Products Offered

Wyndham offers several fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) options for its customers. The company's fixed-rate offerings include 30-, 20- and 15-year fixed-rate loans. Fixed-rate loans have the same interest rate for the life of the loan and, therefore, offer customers rate security and predictability in their monthly payments. The 30-year fixed loan allows customers to stretch their payments out over a long period and is ideal for customers who plan to remain in their homes for a long time. A 15-year fixed loan carries a lower interest rate, but requires higher monthly payments. A 20-year fixed loan offers monthly payments and interest rates somewhere between the 30- and 15-year fixed loans.

The company's ARMs begin with a low fixed rate for a predetermined period of time. At the end of this fixed period, the rates on an ARM fluctuate with market rates. ARMs are ideal for customers who want flexibility with interest rates. Some ARM customers plan to live in their homes for a short period of time and want to take advantage of low initial monthly payments.

The company offers two types of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans: regular FHA loans for borrowers purchasing homes and FHA streamline loans for borrowers looking to refinance an existing loan. FHA loans are designed for low- and moderate-income borrowers and are insured by the federal government. FHA loans have easier qualification criteria and often have lower down payment requirements than conventional loans.

Wyndham offers two types of Veterans Administration (VA) loans: regular VA loans for borrowers purchasing homes and VA streamline loans for borrowers who want to refinance existing loans. VA loans are available to active military personnel or military veterans. These loans have more lenient qualification criteria and lower down payment requirements than conventional loans.

DU Refi Plus loans are for customers who have an acceptable payment history, but are having difficulty refinancing their loans. Wyndham offers 15- and 30-year fixed loans for refinancing customers under this program.

Mortgage Rates

Wyndham does not publish rates on its website, but offers two methods for customers to calculate the costs of their loans. Customers can gain access to mortgage calculators when they supply the company their contact information. The calculators make mortgage rate estimates based on the type of loan and provide customers with estimates of their monthly payments. The company also has a quick form that customers can fill out to get customized rate quotes.

What Consumers Are Saying

Wyndham receives mostly positive customer reviews of its products and services. Of the 1,287 reviews the company received on LendingTree.com, 89% of respondents recommended the lender. The company received 738 five-star reviews, 332 four-star reviews, 84 three-star reviews, 57 two-star reviews and 76 one-star reviews, which equate to an average 4.2-star rating. The company receives good reviews in the categories of interest rates, fees and closing costs, customer service, and responsiveness.

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