Wintrust Mortgage, a wholly owned division of Wintrust Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: WTFC), operates 15 wholly owned banking subsidiaries with over 145 locations in the Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. The bank was able to take advantage of the 2008 financial crisis through the use of the U.S. Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to purchase a number of Chicago-area banks that were in financial trouble at the time. As a result, WTFC became the second-largest bank in the Chicago area. Wintrust Mortgage was developed to provide WTFC retail clients with home loan mortgage options.

Who They Are

Wintrust Mortgage was founded in 1981 and has access to over $20 billion in assets from its parent company, WTFC, for its lending portfolio. As a nationally accredited mortgage lender in all 50 states and as a part of the top 100 largest mortgage servicers, Wintrust Mortgage provides a well-rounded service to its clients. Wintrust Mortgage has over 300 offices across the United States, with $4.3 billion in origination lending in 2015. With $1.19 billion in residential mortgages, Wintrust placed as the 98th largest in the U.S., in that category, for Q3 2014.

Wintrust Mortgage benefits from close relationships and offices within 130 retail-banking offices in the Chicagoland area, which helps Wintrust provide convenient and easy access for consumers of Wintrust community banks. The company offers a comprehensive website for preparation and planning to purchase your first home, with advice and guides to give you the information you need. Its website offers a number of mortgage-based calculators for consumers to find out their approximate preapproval mortgage amounts.

Mortgages Products Offered

Wintrust Mortgage offers a PreFlight program that provides a number of services to clients in order to guide them through the mortgage process with added service value products. The program offers precise ID authentication to prevent identity theft, offers information on your credit situation before you apply, gives you control over your confidential financial data and offers a Credit Radar report to ensure that obstacles are removed before application.

As a full-service mortgage company, Wintrust Mortgage offers conventional mortgages under $417,000 with Federal National Mortgage Association (OTC: FNMA) and Federal Mortgage Loan Corporation (OTC: FHFA) fixed-rate options; jumbo mortgages over the conforming limit of $417,000 for adjustable rate and fixed-rate options, as well as government programs, including the Federal Housing Authority, Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company also offers reverse mortgages to retirees who are looking to pull equity out of their homes.

Mortgage Rates

Even with a comprehensive website that provides online applications, guides and planning checklists, Wintrust does not offer online mortgage rates for its loan products. However, with online applications and over 300 offices in the United States, Wintrust provides rates by telephone or with a drop-in visit.

What Consumers Are Saying

As of 2016, Wintrust Mortgage has positive ratings and reviews, overall, across online ranking sites. LendingTree Inc. (NASDAQ: TREE) lender and ranking site for banks has Wintrust Mortgage listed with 220 reviews and an overall ranking of 4.1 out of five stars, and 67% of consumers willing to recommend the company to friends or family. Also, 79% of reviewers gave a four- or five-star ranking to the company. The top Yelp reviews were given to Wintrust’s Loans Officer Bryan Kelly, with a perfect five-star rating across an impressive 38 reviews. If the reviews are any indication, Wintrust is a dependable choice for your mortgage needs.

Wintrust Mortgage is mainly located in the Chicagoland area, where it has more than one-third of its locations. Visit Wintrust's website for more information about the company's locations outside of Illinois or Wisconsin.

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