• Editor with Investopedia
  • Nearly three years of editorial experience as a section head and editor with ComicsVerse
  • Former marketing intern with Valiant Entertainment


Ward Williams is an editor with Investopedia. In this role he edits and proofreads a wide variety of financial content, in addition to assisting the editorial team with content management, database research, and in-line citations.

Prior to working for Investopedia, Ward was a marketing intern with Valiant Entertainment. He also served as the DC section head of ComicsVerse for nearly three years, during which he was responsible for editing articles and managing the DC Comics division of the website.

In both professional circles and academic activities, Ward has gained significant professional experience with writing and editing.


Ward received his BA in English from North Carolina State University as well as a minor in film studies. He is currently pursuing his MS in publishing from New York University.

Quote from Ward Williams

"There's no better feeling in the world than knowing I've helped someone by improving the quality of their writing."