Investopedia Debuts New Magazine Exploring How to Invest Extra Cash, Meet Financial Goals

What To Do With $10,000 Magazine Cover from Investopedia

Investopedia’s second special edition print magazine, What To Do With $10,000, breaks down the smartest ways to invest extra cash across life stages, goals, and products—from high-yield savings accounts and CDs to stocks and alternative investments. 

Investopedia’s What To Do With $10,000 magazine is now available on newsstands across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online via Amazon and for a cover price of $14.99. 

The 96-page publication hit newsstands, Amazon, and on May 26 and covers key topics such as how inflation can impact your savings, the best debt repayment strategies, where to put an emergency fund, and how to pick an investment strategy that works for you

“Deciding what to do with $10,000, $1,000, or even $100 is a very personal matter, and requires you to identify the best use of any extra money you have earned or inherited,” said Caleb Silver, Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia. “This issue will help you evaluate your financial goals and make an informed decision, whether you’re an investor, saver, entrepreneur, or all of the above.”

In addition to defining important investing terms and sharing expert advice from top financial advisors, Investopedia’s What To Do With $10,000 magazine includes articles on: 

  • Getting Started: How compound interest works, setting financial goals, and where to save money to help fight record-level inflation
  • Dealing With Debt: Understanding good and bad debt, impact of high interest rates, and actionable debt repayment strategies. 
  • Strengthening Your Foundation: How to calculate your goal emergency fund balance (and where to store it), plan for a big purchase, and boost your credit score.
  • Building More Wealth: Determine what kind of investor you are, how and why to diversify your portfolio, maximizing retirement savings, and where to go for more expert advice. 

Apple News+ subscribers also have access to digital versions, split into two parts. The first section—What To Do With $10,000: Build A Foundation—is available today. The second—What To Do With $10,000: Build More Wealth—will debut later this summer. 

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