Abby Johnson, Chairman and CEO at Fidelity Investments
Abby Johnson, Chairman and CEO at Fidelity Investments.

Attracting the next generation of talented associates is a top priority for me and my leadership team. While it is helpful to have financial services experience, there are also opportunities at Fidelity for individuals who have outstanding client service and relationship-building skills that were developed in other industries.  

To all those just beginning their careers, the talented customer service representatives and financial consultants looking for new opportunities, as well as those interested in using technology to make financial planning easier and more intuitive:

  • We are obsessed with delivering superior customer experiences. If you are also passionate about helping others, please consider Fidelity. 
  • We are looking for creative and committed associates to help us develop new products, services, and technologies that can automate and simplify aspects of complex financial services operations. 
  • Fidelity has massive amounts of granular data, perhaps the most important ingredient for delivering successful AI-enabled tools and services. 
  • If you come work with us, you can get involved with innovative use cases, as we are looking to personalize every experience with the right content, service, product, and price.

Customers have been calling with questions and concerns about the market environment and its potential impact on their financial well-being. As a result, the average number of daily customer calls across our personal investing and workplace benefits teams increased 30% last month compared to March 2019. As call volumes spiked beyond anything we have seen before, Fidelity associates responded to customers as I knew they would: with empathy, resolve, and determination. 

To meet the surging levels of phone calls and requests from customers, and to further strengthen our ability to deliver the best customer experience in the industry, we are increasing our hiring plans by adding 2,000 new positions across Fidelity’s U.S. locations, in roles such as financial consultants, licensed phone representatives, and software engineers. We can do this at a time when others may be cutting back because Fidelity is on solid footing, both financially and operationally. 

In recent years, we have accelerated our plans to enhance Fidelity’s technology systems to enable a more seamless digital experience for our customers. But as the last few months have reinforced, most people still want to talk with other people in times of economic uncertainty, particularly when it comes to concerns with personal finances, retirement, and investments. While machine learning and artificial intelligence are advancing at a fast pace, customer service representatives provide attributes, like intuitive judgment and empathy, that cannot yet be replicated at scale by digital tools. 

Our immediate and ongoing focus is the health and safety of our customers and associates. At the same time, we are investing in our businesses to put us in a position of strength — on behalf of our associates, customers, and communities — for when we come out of this crisis. 


This article was originally posted on Linkedin.