• Firm: Evidence Advisors Investment Management
  • Job Title: CCO/Managing Member
  • Certifications: AIF®


Wyatt A. Moerdyk is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and founder of Evidence Advisors Investment Management. Wyatt has twelve years of experience providing financial planning and investment advice. Also, as a former educator he truly has the “heart of a teacher”, and takes great care in providing clients with an understanding of investing. Wyatt is committed to upfront, transparent, and reasonable pricing and following a fiduciary standard of care.

​At Evidence Advisors, LLC, Wyatt and his team provide their clients with discretionary investment management services. Their focus is primarily on building passively managed or index fund portfolios that are customized to meet their clients’ level of risk. Their investment strategies are strongly based upon the academic research of leaders in the field of finance. Evidence Advisors, LLC takes an “evidence based” approach to investment management. Wyatt believes that there is a significant body of scientific evidence that can be applied to practical investing.

Wyatt and his team also provide asset management and financial planning services to individuals, high net worth individuals, trusts, estates, corporate pension and profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations, foundations, endowments, corporations and small businesses. They are committed to the precept that by placing the client’s interests first, they will add value to the asset management process and earn the client’s trust and respect. Wyatt values long-term relationships with his clients whom he regard as strategic partners in his business.

Disclaimer: Investment advice provided through Evidence Advisors, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

Quote from Wyatt Moerdyk

“Wyatt A. Moerdyk, Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and founder of Evidence Advisors Investment Management, is committed to bringing the advancements in technology and modern finance to more investors, and making it personal.”